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Spring is Here!

Spring is here! And so are those seasonal allergies. If you took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend & opened some windows you may have rustled up some dust. Even the tidiest of homes still have those places where cooties have hibernated all winter. It's time kick them out & enjoy the sunshine!

As you do some spring cleaning you may notice that allergies are quick to follow. That's because you may be stirring up several months of tucked away dust. What is in that dust? Whether you like it or not, dust is a gross mix of bacteria, pollen, pet dander, small particles of cleaning products or pesticides and yes, human skin.

Many of us that suffer from seasonal or dust allergies often end up battling the occasional bloody nose. Well here's a cleaning trick that can get the blood out of your pillow case or any washable fabric. COLD WATER & a little laundry detergent. If the blood has already dried, still use Cold Water. Blood is a protein, if you use warm or hot water it will Cook into the fabric & leave that ever famous orange stain. If there is a larger stain, rub a little laundry soap directly to the stain, toss into the washer, set washer to Cold Setting & wash as usual.

We would be happy to let you skip all of that Spring Cleaning & let us do the dirty work for you.
A Clean Home is happy to use Green Seal Certified Products for a safer environment for your whole family.



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